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Thermal Pad Used for GPU, CPU, DDR, RAM and CHIP

SinoGuide Thermal Team Specializes in The Following Major Areas:

Thermal Simulation Analysis – Flotherm Software and Fluke Thermal imaging cameras  

Thermal Management - Analyzing the problem, Planning the solution, Finding the suitable products

Thermal Products - Thermal Conductive Grease/ Pads/Tape/Putty/Insulator
1.SinoGuide Thermal management specialists provide the best service in order to solve your thermal problem with FloTherm Software illustrated as below: Perform thermal analysis, create virtual models, and test design modifications of electronic equipment before physical prototyping

2. Fluke Thermal imaging cameras and other thermal contron system are available to optimize your thermal management and find the right solution with cost-effective materials for your application Thermal Management - Analyzing the problem, Planning the solution, Finding the suitable products

Fluke Thermal imaging cameras

3.SinoGuide works with customers to solve thermal problem (by FlowTherm)

4.SinoGuide cowork with well known companies who deal with thermal design all over the world.(by 6SigmaET) 

Developing Thermal Management Solutions for The Electronics Industry

Our focus on quality is integrated throughout every aspect of our business. From initial proposals to product shipments, our activities are process driven with a framework that allows for planning, execution, review, and continual improvement.  

Proven thermal management solutions and problem-solving partnership

surface temperature of thermal package
                                     The Surface Temperature C

SinoGuide is in the business of solving problems. With our history and experience in the electronics industry, our experts can help find ways to improve your process, control and manage heat, and back it all with exceptional service.

We make it our business to know your business. We understand your problems. We also know that there will always be a better way to help you reach your goals and objectives. To that end, our company continually invests considerable time and money into research and development.


As a Thermal Management Leader - Provides Customers with Technical and Engineering Support

Our solutions to control and manage heat in electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards are used by many of the world's largest OEMs in a wide range of industries.  

We have our R&D Centers, design and application professionals, so our thermal solutions can developed for specific customer requests.


Customization Service · RoHS UL ISO REACH · 10+ Years of Innovation · World-class Support

As the use of thermal materials increases in applications such as LED lighting, medical device, TV LCD panel, power supply, and low-energy lamp ballasts, new formulas will emerge offering greater thermal conductivity in addition to outstanding wet-out characteristics and bondline thickness. A key learning task facing electronic manufacturers today is the integration of precision automated dispensing of gap fillers in high-speed inline production. This challenge is best addressed early, as this emerging class of thermal materials should soon become the norm throughout the electronic industry’s most important sectors.