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smartphone thermal managementThermal interface pads & material are used widely in aerospace, consumer electronics, and telecom equipment industries, sealing and shielding processes, and power supply unit applications. Thermal interface pads & material can be a cost effective approach for the various industries as they help increase productivity in a cost-effective way. Technological advancements have made a positive impact on the Thermal interface pads & material market. These advancements have helped to improve the performance of Thermal interface pads & material in terms of quality and accuracy.

Thermal interface pads & material are used for transferring heat between microprocessors and heat sinks in integrated circuits. This market has been segmented based on type and application. The said market has been categorized based on type into phase change material, thermal pads, thermal grease, and others. The market has been segmented based on application into consumer electronics, telecom equipment, power supply units, and others.

The key revenue pockets for the Thermal interface pads & material are expected to comprise PCM and thermal pads markets.

This market is expected to have a huge growth potential due to their various benefits. The demand for telecom equipment industry is currently driving TIM market. This is mainly because of the huge demand for thermal interface pads & material in this sector. Moreover, the usage of thermal pads and PCM pads in consumer electronics and power supply units is rising.

SinoGuide is setting industry standards

Our high thermal silicone pad are widely used in situation of high demand for heat conduction and insulation. Using high thermal conductive properties, and the soft silicone fit closely characteristics make it exert the maximum thermal conductive property, effectively improving the performance of electronic products.

SinoGuide's thermal silicone pad is placed between the heating device and the radiating power structure,make the power module heating effectively transfer to radiating component, cooling system.


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Thermal Pad (Thermal Interface Material) is used in a variety of electronic applications and industries including computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones, routers, LEDs, solar, medical device, power supplies, wireless devices, and the automotive industry.