TSP-CF Premium Carbon Fiber Thermal Gap Pad

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Describe: TSP-CF series is our advanced technology of combing carbon fiber and soft silicone to make it thermally conductive in anistropy. With the soft silicone base resin, this polymeric structure can well fit in rough surface and withstand severe conditions, like high compression force, shock and vibrations, high temperature etc. and it can remain stable at high performance after aging test for long period.
  • ·   35-60 W/mk Outstanding Thermal conductivity
  • ·   Carbon Fiber Filler aligned and high Stability
  • ·   Suitable For Extreme Enviroment
  • ·   Non- tacky and good rebound for easy applicaiton


·   Between heat-generation Component and and heatsink

·   Highly Stable at extreme Temperature

·   Required for outstanding heating transfer

·   Cooling module, thermal module for special application


·   Standard sheet size: 18"x18" or 18"x9"

·   1-side / 2-side adhesive lamination

·   Available in sheet / roll or precut finished parts

·   PI fim / fiberglass carriers are optional

Part NumberTSP3500CFTSP5000CFTSP6000CF
Construction & CompositionSilicone Elastomer with Carbon Fiber Alignment
Thickness (mm)0.50-3.00.30-3.01.0-3.0
Hardness (Shore A)205030
Density (g/cc)
Continuous Use Temp (℃)-60 to 200-60 to 200-60 to 200
RoHS & REACHCompliance

Withstand Voltage (Vac)≤100≤100≤100
Volume Impedance (ohm-cm)<500<500<500
Flame Rating, UL94(E488764)VOVOVO
Specific Heat Capacity0.87 J/g-k0.87 J/g-k0.87 J/g-k
Thermal Mass2088 kj/m3-k2088 kj/m3-k2088 kj/m3-k


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