DCG100SF EMI Shielding Fabric-Over-Foam

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Describe: DCG100SF is a fabric-over-foam utilizing the best electromagnetic shielding performance of metallized fabric to developing its conductive path throughout the whole structure and get rid of radio leakage in designs as much as you can. For accomodating with different mechanical structures, this foam can be extruded into various types of shapes, typically, D-shaped, C-shaped or any other you need.
  • ·   Shielding effectiveness of >80dB across a wide range of frequencies
  • ·   Extremely low compression forces allow for use of lighter materials
  • ·   Abrasion resistant metallized fabrics
  • ·   Service temperatures from -40 ~ 70°C
  • ·   Low surface resistance as low as 0.048 ohms/sq inch


·   Computer servers, liquid crystal displays (LCD)

·   Network and Telecommunication Equipment

·   Set-top boxes

·   Digital cameras


·   Available in sheet / reel packaging for precut finished parts

·   1-side / 2-side adhesive lamination

·   Optional with conductive foam as core

PropertyMetric ValueTest standard
StructureConductive Fabric + PU Foam + Conductive AdhesiveVisual
ColorSilver GreyVisual
Thickness (mm)≤1.0mm--
Z axis Resistance (Ω)≤0.07ASTM D257
Density (kg/cm3)>0.35JIS-K-6400.11 #B
Surface Resistance
≤0.048MIL-STD-202GMethod 307
Compression ratio, %4% - 25% GB 6669-2008
Working temperatureLong duration:-20~70℃;Short period: -40~120℃--
Adhesion strength, kgf/inch≥1.32GB/T 2792
Holding force, hrs≥24GB/T2792-1998
Shielding Effectiveness≥80 dB (10MHZ-3GHZ)MIL-DTL-83528C


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