TIP 30 Series Thermal Soft Pad

Regular price Material Features Ultra Conformable,Thermally Conductive Material for Filling Air Gaps
Describe: This flexible series is an electrically insulating thermally conductive high performance silicone gap filler. It is ideal for use in applications where a very good thermal transfer over large gaps caused e.g. by big tole_x005frances or different stack up heights must be achieved. Due to the specific formulation and filling with ceramic particles the silicone elastomer has an extremely high thermal conductivity. Through its softness and flexibility the material perfectly mates to irregular surfaces thus filling gaps at low pressure. By its use the total thermal resistance is minimized. The natural tackiness of the material allows for an easy and reliable pre-assembly.
  • Thermal conductivity 2.0~3.0 W/m·K
  • "Low “S-Class” thermal resistance at very low pressures"
  • Highly conformable, low hardness
  • Designed for low-stress applications
  • "Fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance"

TCP300 Wholesale Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad Used in PCB


Products Features:

3.00 W/mk thermal conductivity
Low Thermal Resistance at Low Pressure
Naturally tacky for easy application

Typical Applications Include:


Between heat-generation component and heatsink
Led Solid State Lighting, Graphices Cards, Telecom device
Wireless communication hardware
Cooling Module, Thermal module.
High Power supply/conversion


Typical Properties of This Materials:

tcp300 thermal resistance vs pressure

Typical Properties of  TCP300 Silicone Thermal Pad
PropertiesUnitsTCP300Test Method



Thickness Rangemm0.25 to 15---

Natural tacky (1- or 2-sided)g/cm32---

HardnessShore C25,35ASTM E1269

Densityg/cc2.6ASTM E595

Continuous Use Temp-60 to 200EN344


Breakdown Voltage(1mmT)Kv/ac≥6ASTM D149

Volume Impedance(ohm-cm)≥1.1x1014ASTM D257

Dielectric Constant1MHz6.8ASTM D150

Flame Rating
V 0UL 94


Thermal ConductivityW/m.k3.0ASTM D5470



Sheet size: 200 x 400mm, 350x350mm , individual parts available


  Part No. Code:


Wholesale Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive Pad Used In Led Lights And Cell Phones



Suffix: Different Options For thermal Pad as below


"A1" suffix: One side additional adhesive such as 3M 467, 3M9448

"A2" suffix: Two sides additional adhesive such as 3M 467, 3M9448

"NA" suffix: Natural tacky

"D" suffix: one side tacky and non-tacky on the other side

"M" suffix: Fiberglass reinforcement in the middle layer

"F" suffix: Fiberglass reinforcement on top or bottom layer



Check List of Reliability Test Report for TCP300 is available after your request


Wholesale Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive Pad Used In Led Lights And Cell Phones



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