TSP 8000 Series Thermal Soft Pad

Regular price Material Features High Performance,Thermally Conductive Gap Filling Pad
Describe: This high performance series is an electrically insulating thermally conductive silicone gap filler. It is ideal for use in applications where thermal transfer over large gaps caused e.g. by big tolerances or different stack up heigths must be achieved. Due to the specific formulation and filling with ceramic particles the silicone elastomer has an extremely high thermal conductivity. Through its softness and plasticity the material perfectly mates to irregular surfaces thus optimizing the thermal contact at low pressure. By its use the total thermal resistance is minimized.
  • ·   Thermal conductivity 6~12.0 W/m·K <\li>
  • ·   Operates at low pressure <\li>
  • ·   Extraordinary chemical resistance and long_x005fterm stability <\li>
  • ·   Easy mounting through self tackiness <\li>
  • ·   One or two-side self-tacky <\li>

Color-Light GreyLight GreyLight GreyLight Grey
Thermal ConductivityW/m·K8888
Thermal Resistance
HardnessShore OO5050525
Flame Rating-V0V0V0V0
Dielectric StrengthkV(@1mm)/>8.0>6.0>8.0
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm≥1.0×1011≥1.0×1011≥1.0×1011≥1.0×1011
Tensile Strengthpsi40402025
Compression Deflection (%) 
at given pressure
10 psi882015
50 psi26264535
100 psi42428065
Dielectric Constant@1MHz13.
Service Temp.-60~150-60~150-60~150-60~150


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